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So yesterday I shaved for the first time since about…October I think? It’s been a while.

I didn’t do this to say “Screw you!” to societal norms of what beauty and femininity are, but to explore whether I shaved because I wanted to, or because I felt it was expected of me.

What I realised was, I don’t have any problem with my body hair. I’m fine being hairy. Similarly, I’m fine with being smooth and sometimes I like not to have hairy legs. But the recent warm weather made me realise that it’s other peoples reactions to my hairiness that I’m scared of. After having read a few negative reactions on hairylegsclub I realised that I’m not going to be able to walk around with my legs on show, which has been fine up until now, with winter and everything, but it’s going to get warm soon and I don’t want to be hidden away in jeans.

It makes me sad that hairlessness has become so deeply ingrained as being intrinsically linked to femininity. Women should be free to walk around, hairy legs on show, and not be scared that someone is going to spit on them. At the moment, I’m too scared to face the general public for fear of their reactions, and that’s sad. So I’ve caved and shaved (hey!).

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